fedpkg prep

Tom Lane tgl at redhat.com
Wed Sep 1 17:33:11 UTC 2010

Matt McCutchen <matt at mattmccutchen.net> writes:
> Does it work if the current branch tracks another local branch which
> tracks an upstream branch?  It looks to me that the code does not handle
> that, but I haven't found a good way to test it.  And if I want to set
> up a local branch for the purpose of rebuilding a package for a
> different Fedora version (e.g., systemd on F13), I am out of luck.  A
> "branch" file in the versioned content would Just Work in the first case
> and provide a solution for the second case.

So would a configurable branch attribute.  I have to admit I like that
idea a lot better than "branch" files, and especially better than some
complicated rule with multiple places to look for the information.

> Magic inspection of the branch relationships is not a substitute for
> real configuration.

Amen to that.

			regards, tom lane

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