Putting cross compilers into Fedora

Benjamin Kosnik bkoz at redhat.com
Wed Sep 1 17:53:14 UTC 2010

> For cross gcc I guess the important question is, do we want
> gcc-4*.src.rpm to build all the cross compilers (and, is C enough, or
> do we need C++ too?), or do we have one cross-gcc-4*.src.rpm that
> semi-loosely tracks gcc-4*.src.rpm and builds all the cross compilers
> (BuildRequires all the cross-binutils and all
> cross-glibc/kernel-headers), or each cross would have its own
> src.rpm? I think the last one would be a maitanance nightmare. 

It would be nice to have --with arguments to select individual arches
instead of all the cross compilers, and C++ support, perhaps after C.


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