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Alexander Kurtakov akurtako at
Thu Sep 2 10:21:09 UTC 2010

> On Mon, 30 Aug 2010, Alexander Kurtakov wrote:
> > * AutoQA - QA guys are struggling with their effort to get their stuff
> > running from Fedora packages (shame on us if we can't make our own stuff
> > run from our packages)
> > * Name it :)
> At my work, first thing that happens with Java is that Openjdk gets
> thrown out of the window and is replaced with Oracle's JRE.
Well, this is not applicable for Fedora at all :).

> That of course is not going to make openjdk less buggy or
> get more testers, so what I'd like to see is a some kind of
> wiki page of its implications.
> - what breaks if openjdk is removed 
Every java package in Fedora is tested with only OpenJDK and/or GCJ there is 
no way we can test/guarantee that Fedora package works with any JVM that is 
not build into Fedora properly.

> - what works & what doesn't with openjdk
Heh, it depends on your workflow. OpenJDK is working perfectly for me in my 
daily work as a software tools developer :).

> - what integration issues there are with Fedora/EPEL and Oracle JRE
Well we have a huge issue here. There is no legal way to import Oracle JRE 
into Fedora so there is no way we can make use of it in Fedora.
> - what is gained if openjdk can be used and kept in place as a default JRE
We gain the ability to build and run Java Software which is huge gain.
> - ?
> This page should be something to convince to those who remove
> openjdk. 
Fedora should not and will not promote usage of Oracle JRE. Go read it's 
license-159167.txt . It's proprietary and it's against basic Fedora 
principles. Read details about the Oracle/Sun's JRE licencing and problems 
with it in Mark's blog post

Please never, ever add anything promoting proprietary software on Fedora wiki. 

> Keeping it compact and focusing on that audience.
> Removing openjdk is a chicken and egg problem, perhaps that wiki
> page could avoid some of those cases with small effort from Fedora's
> side?
Removing OpenJDK is out of scope for Fedora unless you can give us a better 
open-source alternative.


> Tuju

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