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On 9/1/10 7:17 PM, Matt McCutchen wrote:
> On Wed, 2010-09-01 at 09:00 -0700, Jesse Keating wrote:
>> On 8/31/10 5:36 PM, Roland McGrath wrote:
>>> Perhaps local and so forth could be given a --dist=foo switch, and these
>>> sorts of errors could say "can't figure out your dist from git, use --dist
>>> or fix your repo".
>> Yeah, I've been working in my head a fallback route, which might
>> eventually fall back to forcing a --branch or --dist option, something
>> like:  See if there is a branch.merge setting, if not see if there is a
>> branch.dist setting, if not see if the local branch name matches a
>> regex, if not tell the user to provide --dist.
> Having the command-line option take priority whenever it is given would
> be a more conventional design.  And it would be useful if branch.dist
> (or a working-tree file, as I am advocating) could override the local
> and upstream branch names even when they do follow the pattern for a
> dist value.

Well yes, the command line option would override anything that could be
autodiscovered, likewise local explicit config would override
autodiscovery.  That's just good engineering, and how the rest of fedpkg
works.  The above route was speaking of a case where no information was
given on the command line and fedpkg had to try and figure it out for

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