systemd and changes

Ben Boeckel mathstuf at
Thu Sep 2 19:28:21 UTC 2010

Dan Williams <dcbw at> wrote:
> What things need to be easier about the cli bits that the network
> scripts get right?  No doubt there are some, but would you mind filing
> them as enhancement requests or bugs so we have some goals to hit?
> In the end, ifup/ifdown should also still work for connections NM
> controls, since ifup/ifdown just call NM for those connections in F13+.
> ifup just says "activate this interface with this configuration" which
> is the same thing NM does too, so that mapping is pretty 1:1.

I actually have a bug to file about that. The setting for NM_CONTROLLED
is still set even if NetworkManager isn't installed. It (or Ananconda)
should scrub the configs before installing the settings used during the


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