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Excerpts from Bill Nottingham's message of Thu Sep 02 20:15:12 +0200 2010:
> Stanislav Ochotnicky (sochotnicky at said: 
> > Agenda TBD, but for now the idea is to:
> >  * go through Tasks listed on [1]
> Can non-SIG members add tasks?

I don't see why not, as long as we are able to understand what people
actually want so we can discuss it. Best to come at the meeting though

>  If we have a Java SIG, I'd like there
> to be some agreement on how to handle orphaned packages - right
> now, we've got about 30 java packages orphaned in F-14. Some of them
> have comaintainers, some of them have maintainers in rawhide. I can
> go and reassign the packages to the comaintainers or the rawhide
> maintainers, but it would be nice if people would voluntarily pick
> them up.

I believe most of them have already been taken (by me, Alexander
Kurtakov or someone else). But a list of the remainining would be nice
of course.

On a related note...can someone help me get alias for java sig so that
we are emailed when anyone commits into java packages? Not sure how
to get list of such packages though. Perhaps all spec files that have
BR on java, or something similar. We could start with packages that
people in SIG have commit access for I guess. Any thoughts on this?

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