Christopher Brown snecklifter at gmail.com
Sat Sep 4 12:27:43 UTC 2010


I briefly took this over and looked at reviving this but upstream is
dead and show little sign of revival.

The new tsclient 2.0 GUI is terrible and these days there are far
superior alternatives in the form of gnome-rdp and remmina which I
happily use and provide a better end-user experience.

I believe that to leave tsclient in Fedora actually degrades the user
experience as people installing it will become rapidly disenchanted
with what it can offer in terms of a remote connection to Windows

I'm therefore going to mark this dead.package unless anyone wants to
take it over but please think seriously about taking this on.

There are some patches floating about for v2.0 to try and improve it
but I really wouldn't recommend it.


Christopher Brown

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