systemd acceptance, packaging guidelines (was Re: systemd and changes)

Nicolas Mailhot nicolas.mailhot at
Sun Sep 5 11:41:39 UTC 2010

Le mardi 24 août 2010 à 16:38 -0400, Bill Nottingham a écrit :
> Lennart Poettering (mzerqung at said: 

> > > - Guidelines for packaging systemd units shall be formalized.
> > 
> > As pointed out elsewhere, I'd avoid this for F14.
> Then we should put "don't" in the guidelines, instead. We need to set clear
> expectations for package maintainers as to what they should be doing. (And
> certainly not switching the state of their packages mid-release.)

Anyway, we have branched now, so rawhide is already F15-to-be, and F15
will hopefully include systemd units, so the packaging guidelines for
F15 need to be formalized *now* and not at the last minute.

Please do not wait for F15 branch point to formalize packaging
guidelines for systemd units. Do it now so they can be added and QAed
during all the F15 devel cycle (which is already open) or services will
need to be patched with band-aid and sticky take at F15 alpha time.

Nicolas Mailhot

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