Inspecting/debugging a mock build

Tom Lane tgl at
Mon Sep 6 01:54:28 UTC 2010

Braden McDaniel <braden at> writes:
> I'm pretty much a novice at both mock and chroot.  Where can I find out
> how to change to the mock build chroot (using fedpkg or otherwise) so
> that I can debug a failed mock build?

The command you want is "mock --shell", I think.  See the mock manpage.

Don't forget to install gdb, required debuginfo packages, etc into the
chroot beforehand.  Just like other mock subcommands, mock shell locks
the chroot so that other mock commands can't be applied till you exit
the shell.  I always find that to be a PITA, but especially so when
I forget a package I'm going to need.

			regards, tom lane

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