F14 youtube support?

Michał Piotrowski mkkp4x4 at gmail.com
Mon Sep 6 23:20:54 UTC 2010

2010/9/6 Andre Robatino <robatino at fedoraproject.org>:
> Check the page again, I made several edits to the instructions to simplify them.
> In particular, I broke the yum install into two separate commands, which avoids
> the libstdc++ dependency problem that previously lead to the need to use
> --exclude for the Adobe Reader. I also checked that in 64-bit Fedora 10, 11, 12,
> and 13, installing the 32-bit nspluginwrapper automatically pulls in both the
> 32-bit libcurl (so you should already have that!) and the 32-bit libstdc++
> (which will prevent Adobe Reader from getting pulled in). So the only Fedora
> packages that need to be installed before flash-plugin are nspluginwrapper (both
> 32- and 64-bit) and alsa-plugins-pulseaudio (32-bit).

After alsa-plugins-pulseaudio installation youtube is plaing music at
least :) Thanks!

I installed the system from KDE Live CD, and then installed Gnome
Desktop - so I don't know how default install path looks like. But
maybe it will be possible to add a packages group "Flash Support" that
will install all 32-bit packages needed by flash-plugin and add
/etc/yum.repos.d/adobe-linux-i386.repo file? I understand that you may
not like the idea of adding a adobe-flash package into Fedora, but
maybe simple packages group + repo file could be accepted?


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