Linux and application installing

Miloslav Trmač mitr at
Tue Sep 7 12:36:32 UTC 2010

Richard Hughes píše v Út 07. 09. 2010 v 12:46 +0100: 
> The updater will be an improved version of the old package updater,
> and anything that's not an application (e.g. PackageKit-libs-devel)
> will be under a group (not shown in the screenshot) called "System
> infrastructure". If you update an application that depends on a
> package from the "System infrastructure" group then it gets pulled in
> as a dep. Otherwise you only update the system stuff (e.g. systemd,
> dbus, kernel) if you choose to select the "System infrastructure"
> metagroup.
Um, do I understand this correctly that e.g. a kernel update usually
won't get installed because it belongs in "system infrastructure" and
few packages depend on "kernel"?

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