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Wed Sep 8 08:44:27 UTC 2010

"Richard W.M. Jones" <rjones at> writes:

> For libguestfs I'm doing it manually.  I have my own git repo which is
> a clone of the upstream libguestfs git repo.  In that git repo I have
> the base stable version (eg. 1.4.3) plus cherry-picked patches on top
> of that.  I use 'git rebase' when a new stable version comes out, and
> 'git format-patch' to generate the actual patches which go into Fedora
> git.  At the moment I hand-edit the spec file to update the list of
> patches, but eventually the plan would be to generate the list of
> patches in the spec file too.

glibc takes a slightly different approach.  The fedora-specific changes
are maintained in a branch.  When I prepare a new fedora build I merge
master into the fedora branch, run "make srpm" to build an srpm that
contains the fedora changes in a single patch, and "fedpkg import" it
into fedora git.


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