CUPS problem

darrell pfeifer darrellpf at
Thu Sep 9 21:50:49 UTC 2010

> Paul,
> The following is in BZ : 632042
> I'm seeing this with my Samsung ML2250 (my box is using Rawhide, updated
> today 09/09/10) so it looks like the problem is not with hplip but with
> CUPS or CUPS/Gutenprint
> However, looking at koji, the last update to Cups was 20th Aug but I've
> seen no reports of problems. Downgrading to a previous version of both
> cups and gutenprint doesn't fix the problem either. Rewinding hplip to
> the previous version (and rebuilding as it won't just install due to it
> needing python 2.6) doesn't fix it either.
> I'm starting to think this could be lower down - possibly either glib or
> even the kernel (googling supports the kernel argument). There is
> nothing untoward in the cup error log either which lends further support
> to either the kernel or glib.
> I'm still waiting on my password reset to come through so would
> appreciate advice under what to log it as.
Ran into this yesterday and it took a bit to figure out.

Cups is fine, but ghostscript is broken in the latest update. Back it out
and printing will work again.

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