How to handle a dead package in Fedora with a need in RHEL

Wes Hardaker wjhns174 at
Thu Sep 9 23:41:01 UTC 2010

So, perl-Digest-SHA went away on the fedora side of things and got
auto-marked as dead in the package tree (not by me; I seem to recall it
was something automatic or at least someone else).  This was actually
quite a while ago.

But the perl-Net-DNS-SEC package requires Digest::SHA which doesn't
exist on RHEL.  How do I convert a dead package on the fedora side to a
EL only set of branches?  I'd assume it'll be the original bug request
and re-opening a new branch? my biggest fear is that something will
shoot it dead again though.

[wow, this sounds like such a newbie question; but package setup is just
one of those things you can't keep in your head because the process is
something most people do only once in a blue moon and it's complex
enough in the process you could never remember it as an average
packager.  Actually, it's what stops me from moving more stuff into the
fedora packaging system in the first place: starting a new package is
painful :-/ ]

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