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Mon Sep 13 08:26:32 UTC 2010

Top FAS account holder who has completed reviewing "Package review"
components on bugzilla for last week ending is Parag AN(पराग).

Parag AN(पराग) : 12	krb5-auth-dialog
(Merge Review)	libcroco (Merge Review)	libfontenc (Merge Review)	libgail-gnome (Merge Review)	libgnomecups (Merge Review)	libgnomekbd (Merge Review)	libgnomeprintui22
(Merge Review)	libgnomeui (Merge Review)	mod_python (Merge Review)	pam_passwdqc (Merge Review)	pam_smb (Merge Review)	rhdb-utils (Merge Review)

Mamoru Tasaka : 2	rubygem-httparty	rubygem-facon

Marcela Mašláňová : 2	rakudo-star	perl-Math-Base36

Michael Stahnke : 2	rubygem-ruby-debug-base	rubygem-ruby-debug

Aurelien Bompard : 1	clustershell

Ben Boeckel : 1	meego-panel-datetime

Chen Lei : 1	python-ZODB3

Dave Ludlow : 1	ghc-csv

Erik van Pienbroek : 1	mingw32-spice-protocol

Jaroslav Reznik : 1	libqttracker

Mark Chappell : 1	gnuplot42

Martin Gieseking : 1	procServ

Pavel Alexeev (aka Pahan-Hubbitus) : 1	EmfEngine

Peter Robinson : 1	logcheck

Total reviews modified: 28
Merge Reviews: 12
Review Requests: 16

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