Linux and application installing

Richard Hughes hughsient at
Mon Sep 13 21:39:58 UTC 2010

On 13 September 2010 21:49, James Antill <james at> wrote:
> So Seth spent half a day implementing a proof of concept:

Offline queries?
Co-operating with other distros?
Formal database schema?

Call me biased, but doing things in yum because "it's the way it
always used to be" carries little weight when the user experience just
sucks really hard. I've been working on app-install now with other
distro people for nearly two years. It was a shame Seth couldn't reuse
some of the schema without just re-implementing the basic idea in
python and shipping a half-baked implementation in yum.

Sometimes I wonder why I should deal with Fedora and all the politics
when Ubuntu and Suse just ship something that works.

Sorry to be blunt, but it's how I feel.


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