Simultaneous Fedora and upstream git usage

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On 09/11/2010 08:30 AM, Andy Shevchenko wrote:
> Every one who is use a git everyday knows that it has support of
> joining several repositories in one local repository (especially if it
> has a common base). I would use such feature for packages hosted in
> git repositories.
> So, the idea is to keep 2-in-1:
>  - Fedora's git as a holder and main repository
>  - upstream/* branches for an upstream sources (real package sources)
> Advantages are in keeping things together and simplify maintaining
> packages in Fedora with upstreamed patches (commits).
> It also reminds the Debian's scheme where the repository contains two
> branches and two kind of tags accordingly.
> Any suggestions or improvements to this scheme?

I've been meaning to explore this path a bit, and add tooling in fedpkg
to set it up initially.  My first feeling is that it'd be a
configuration that lives on your workstation, in your clone, not
something pushed up to pkgs.fp.o.  It would certainly help in getting
patches to/from upstream, and help when we start exploring automated
patch management within packages.

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