Meeting summary/minutes from today's FESCo meeting (2010-09-14)

Bill Nottingham notting at
Wed Sep 15 02:42:26 UTC 2010

Máirín Duffy (duffy at said: 
> Only 5 of the 9 FESCo members voted on this issue. If all 9 had voted,
> even with the current 3 for / 2 against vote, systemd could easily have
> enough votes for inclusion in F14. I have a couple of questions for you,
> FESCo, since I honestly don't know and maybe would feel more comfortable
> knowing:
> - Has there been any consideration for formalizing the acceptable of
> absentee votes?

We have accepted absentee votes either sent to the FESCo list or noted
in the ticket before the meeting; in fact, noting votes in meeting item
tickets is the de-facto method of participating for members who can't
make it.

> - How many members must be present at a meeting for a voting decision to
> be considered valid?

5 out of 9 is considered quorum for the meeting, and 5 out of 9 is also
required for decisions.

> - Is it possible to collect the votes of the folks who were not present?

We could poll them. But the ticket has been open for ~1 week for them to
note their opinion; none of the not-present FESCo members have commented
to this point.

> Again, either way the decision goes - fine. It would be nice to hear
> from the FESCo members not present on how they feel about the decision,
> though.
> Is anyone else feeling a little uncomfortable about the voting process,
> irregardless of its conclusion?

I said as much during the meeting.


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