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Trever Fischer tdfischer at
Wed Sep 15 05:25:00 UTC 2010

Excuse me if this is the wrong place to send this.

As my fedora ambassador duties, I tend to show other students the neat
things you can do with Fedora with my trusty USB drive I always keep on my
keychain. More often than not, I'm booting up Fedora into some laptop or
university desktop with copious quantities of ram (more than 2G, commonly
4 or more). Also more often than not, I've edited the boot options when it
starts up to add the 'live_ram' flag which copies the image into RAM and
permits me to unplug the USB drive so I'm not late for class while they

I've longed for an option in the stock boot menu to expose this seemingly
hidden magic to the general public, so I wrote a tiny patch for
python-imgcreate (which is used by revisor). It adds one new option to the
isolinux boot menu, labeled "Boot and run from RAM".

I've tested it by re-spinning the KDE spin and the custom one I use for
day-to-day use on my usb drive. Flawless victory.

diff --git a/imgcreate/ b/imgcreate/
index fcb7198..7cfd14c 100644
--- a/imgcreate/
+++ b/imgcreate/
@@ -518,6 +518,17 @@ menu hiddenrow 5
             cfg += self.__get_image_stanza(is_xen, isDracut,
                                            fslabel = self.fslabel,
                                            isofstype = "auto",
+                                           liveargs = kern_opts + "
+                                           long = long + " and run from
+                                           short = "linux-ram" + index,
+                                           basicvideo = "",
+                                           xdriver = "",
+                                           extra = "",
+                                           index = index)
+            cfg += self.__get_image_stanza(is_xen, isDracut,
+                                           fslabel = self.fslabel,
+                                           isofstype = "auto",
                                            liveargs = kern_opts,
                                            long = long + " (Basic Video)",
                                            short = "linux" + index,

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