Linux and application installing

James Antill james at
Wed Sep 15 14:58:30 UTC 2010

On Wed, 2010-09-15 at 16:38 +0200, FlorianFesti wrote:
> So I would suggest an UI that gives a summery (Didn't we already have 
> that in the past?) and offers 3 buttons:
> [Show/Hide Details] [Do not install updates now] [Install updates now]
> The first being a toggle button hiding/showing the current or to be list 
> of updates or to be updated applications.

 FWIW the Mac OS X update dialog looks almost exactly like this, and
shows running applications you should close before running the update.

>  Btw. sorting the updates by 
> severity and offer a check box by severity (may be using a tree view 
> instead of a list) may be another improvement.

 I've asked for this feature before too, it's actually already there but
hidden in the right click menu (at least for doing security only
 Of course it's currently broken due to the fact I have:

% sudo yum updateinfo
Loaded plugins: aliases, keys, noop, presto, ps, security
Updates Information Summary: available
      4 Security notice(s)
    105 Bugfix notice(s)
     23 Enhancement notice(s)

...but PK refuses to do anything but update it's own 6 packages for a
minor specfile change.

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