Problem while building mono-2.8

Paul F. Johnson paul at
Wed Sep 15 20:58:55 UTC 2010


> > googling suggests that there has been a change and that I need to add
> > LDFLAGS += --build-id in the build and install parts. I've not had to do
> > this before, so am I missing something and if I include it, will it then
> > fail to build on koji?
> That is not usually the ideal solution.  And that the problem is new (some
> time after F8) suggests there may be something more strange going on.
> I'll help you figure it out if I can see the build.

I can email you over the throwback from the build (or the spec file with
altered patches), but as it dies on on the missing build ID (even with
the LDFLAGS thing added), there is no build.

I'm assuming that make LDFLAGS+=--build-id is correct and that I don't
need to export it or add anything else..



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