nightly compose not bootable?

Carl Byington carl at
Fri Sep 17 21:42:26 UTC 2010

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> > > desktop-i386-20100916.15.iso fails to boot from cd on dell
> dimension
> > > 2350. Does it work for other folks?
> >
> > Do you have some more symptoms you can tell us? I did a local
> compose from
> > around the same time and it worked on a USB drive. So I suspect it's
> a
> > harware specific problem.
> >
> > If it might be video related, you can hit tab at the first window to
> > get the boot menu and then try using the basic video boot option.

> There was also a recent thread about a problem related to VT-d on a
> different
> Dell model which mentioned that disabling iommu at boot made things
> better.

That physical CD does boot nicely on a Dell dimension 8400. On the 2350,
we just get the small dash in the upper left corner of the screen. It
never shows the ISOLINUX line, and so never shows the grub menu, and
eventually boots from the hard drive. Neither escape nor tab do anything
while sitting with the small dash at the top left corner.

Ah, bizarre. That physical cd will boot on the 2350 from the second (cd
only) drive, but not from the first (dvd) drive. Other cd's (vyatta 6.0,
6.1, an old ubuntu 7) will boot from the dvd drive on that machine.

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