fedpkg workflow and release numbers

Michael Schwendt mschwendt at gmail.com
Sun Sep 19 15:18:49 UTC 2010

On Sun, 19 Sep 2010 16:40:16 +0200, Christoph wrote:

> Hi all,
> since I keep offlineimap the same version for the latest stable (that I
> got my hands on) + devel versions, my fedpkg workflow looks like:
> 1. master> build package
> 2. f14> git pull origin master && fedpkg push && fedpkg build ...
> 3. f13> git pull origin master && fedpkg push && fedpkg build ...
> I think this is how git should be used in that case (no difference
> between all branches). But this means taking the release number from
> step 1 through all steps (e.g. building offlineimap-6.2.0-2.fc14 without
> ever building offlineimap-6.2.0-2.fc14). Is that ok in terms of fedora
> package policies?

Can't be answered. The two NEVR in your text are identical. ;-)

But: All what is important is that EVR for master > EVR for f14 > EVR for f13,
and that is true for your case when using %{?dist} in the Release tag.
Then your example will build offlineimap-6.2.0-2.fc15 > offlineimap-6.2.0-2.fc14 > offlineimap-6.2.0-2.fc13.

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