PostgreSQL 9 for F14?

Michel Alexandre Salim fedora at
Mon Sep 20 19:43:03 UTC 2010

On Mon, 20 Sep 2010 17:53:41 +0200, Michał Piotrowski wrote:

> 2010/9/20 Mark Chappell <tremble at>:
>> 2010/9/20 Michał Piotrowski <mkkp4x4 at>:
>>> PostgreSQL 9 was released
>>> Are there any chances to get this for F14? The new version supports
>>> basic replication scenarios, so I would not have to use PgPool :)
>> Way too late for updating the main postgres packages, but a parallel
>> installable postgres9 package
> Acceptable solution :)
>> (possibly ported over to EPEL too) would be good...
> It would be great :)

Note: I don't think Mark was proposing to do the packaging work himself.
 But it'd be great if whoever picks this up (Michał, are you a packager?) 
could reply to this thread, thus avoiding duplication of work and attract 
potential reviewers once the new package is ready.

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