PostgreSQL 9 for F14?

Tom Lane tgl at
Mon Sep 20 19:56:32 UTC 2010

Michel Alexandre Salim <fedora at> writes:
> Note: I don't think Mark was proposing to do the packaging work himself.
>  But it'd be great if whoever picks this up (Michał, are you a packager?) 
> could reply to this thread, thus avoiding duplication of work and attract 
> potential reviewers once the new package is ready.

I see no point whatsoever in a separate "postgresql9" package.  The
regular postgresql package will be up to 9.0.x in F-15.  If you feel
a need to run a bleeding edge database in F-14, it'll doubtless be
built as an RPM by upstream as soon as F-14 is stable --- see

			regards, tom lane

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