Review swap request: Yorba's Valencia

Michel Alexandre Salim fedora at
Tue Sep 21 09:42:41 UTC 2010

Hi all,

Yorba, the company that develops our current default photo management
tool (Shotwell), finally released an updated version of Valencia, a
gedit Vala development environment, a few months back. We've had this
package in our review queue for a lot longer, and unfortunately the
review got stalled because the 0.3.0 release was delayed.

Would someone like to take up the review, perhaps in a swap? Just let
me know which ticket number to pick up. It's a nice simple package,
and would give us a fallback Vala editor for places where vtg
(gedit-vala) is not available (the latest several release cycles can
no longer be built on F-13 and below without introducing major
updates, for example).


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