Fedora "backports" repo? (Was Re: PostgreSQL 9 for F14?)

Gerald Henriksen ghenriks at gmail.com
Tue Sep 21 21:01:56 UTC 2010

On Tue, 21 Sep 2010 10:20:05 -0400, you wrote:

>One thing I wanted to point out. Windows users get to install the
>latest Firefox, KDE, and other apps without having to wait for a new
>Windows release. If users had to wait for Windows 8 to get the latest
>Firefox, things would be messy. I don't understand what the fear is of
>doing this on GNU/Linux.

The key point of your example is that they have to actually make the
effort to go to the appropriate website (or store to buy a physical
disc), and specifically install what they want.  It doesn't magically
appear when they allow Windows to do an update.

You can do the same thing on Fedora, you can if you so wish go to the
mozilla website and download the latest Firefox.

The problem facing Fedora, and Linux in general, is the distributions
blur the difference between the OS and apps by providing both.  But
unless you want to encourage users to not apply security updates or
bug fixes you can't combine doing updates with upgrades.

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