Fedora "backports" repo? (Was Re: PostgreSQL 9 for F14?)

Jesse Keating jkeating at redhat.com
Wed Sep 22 22:18:57 UTC 2010

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On 09/22/2010 05:06 AM, drago01 wrote:
> Well "use rawhide" for anything else than testing and/or developing
> the new release just do not fly.
> Some of the reasons I can think of:
> 1) To high rate of changes / breakage

Not much one can do on this one, other than choose when to apply their

> 2) No signed packages

We will be fixing that, so that anything that falls out of koji will get
signed (except scratch builds)

> 3) Slower kernel

Not much I can do about that.

> 4) To much of "manual fixing" required
> 5) To many broken deps, which might prevent applying updates and security fixes
> 6) Some others that I can't think of right now might be a consequence
> of the above or something else

I think those can be addressed by placing an AutoQA filter between a
build from master and the build showing up in rawhide.

> So please stop proposing rawhide for productive systems (or even
> database servers *shrug*).

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