Bruno Wolff III bruno at
Wed Sep 22 14:05:42 UTC 2010

On Wed, Sep 22, 2010 at 12:35:01 +0200,
  Tomas Mraz <tmraz at> wrote:
> - Avoid changing the user experence if at all possible. - this is too
> strong condition. In some cases fixing a bug might inevitable change the
> user experience and in some cases for example the user experience might
> be just severally improved with the new release. So IMO this should be
> reworded with much less strong wording such as 'Avoid major changes and
> worsening the user experience if at all possible.'

Perhaps the definition of "user experience" needs to get fleshed out a bit.
I think the intent is that people should be able to easily do whatever
they were doing before the update the exact same way after the update. If they
need to learn something new after after the update, that's a problem.

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