Fedora "backports" repo? (Was Re: PostgreSQL 9 for F14?)

Adam Williamson awilliam at redhat.com
Wed Sep 22 22:54:58 UTC 2010

On Wed, 2010-09-22 at 14:45 -0500, Michael Cronenworth wrote:
> Michel Alexandre Salim wrote:
> > One could always use a stable kernel in conjunction with Rawhide.
> > Speaking of debugging info, are they still turned on for branched
> > releases like F-14?
> Yes. Not until the Final RC builds is debugging switched off. (IIRC)
> Rawhide kernels or using a stable kernel w/ Rawhide are not valid 
> options. Rawhide is rawhide - development of Fedora, not for production 
> use. Period. You can't jazz it up no matter how hard you try (Looking at 
> you Jesse, Adam, and Bruno).

Er, whut? I didn't post anything advocating people use Rawhide for
day-to-day purposes. I wouldn't suggest such a thing. All I said was
that I haven't noticed the speed difference between debug and non-debug
kernels, because I haven't. I know it's measurably present, but it
doesn't affect any of my typical usage visibly.
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