[Test-Announce] Fedora 14 Beta RC Validation Test Summary

He Rui rhe at redhat.com
Sun Sep 26 06:19:26 UTC 2010


It's time to summarize F-14 Beta RC validation tests. Apologies for the
absence of some RC3 install testing, but I'm glad to see that it went on
smoothly, so special thanks for the ones who helped executing the cases.
Though Beta has been declared gold based on the Beta release
criterion[1], the summary of it is still helpful to make the issues
clear for the final release candidates cycle.

************************* Installation *******************************

* F14Blocker:

623956 NEW  - VESA driver fails in qemu/kvm machines, system hangs at X
635821 NEW  - Attempting to submit (scp or bugzilla) an exception report
fails if networking not active
627789 MODIFIED  - Error setting up repository - 16, Device busy

* Warnings:

585006 NEW  - livecd-creator creates i386 and x86_64 ISOs which are
larger than indicated by the ISO header
633815 NEW  - Network installation fails when IPv4 DHCP fails/ IPv6
635873 MODIFIED  - ImportError: No module named product
635887 MODIFIED  - TypeError: getDiskPart() takes exactly 1 argument (2

************************** Desktop ***********************************

* F14Blocker:

624136 NEW  - [abrt] evolution-2.31.5-2.fc14: e_import_cancel:
Process /usr/bin/evolution was killed by signal 11 (SIGSEGV)
625367 NEW  - SELinux is preventing /usr/libexec/kde4/kdm_greet "write"
access on /usr/libexec/kde4/lnusertemp
636118 NEW  - Swell Foop fails to run in F14 Beta RC3 Desktop live
542255 ASSIGNED  - [abrt] crash detected in gmixer-1.3-11.fc12

* Warnings:

635897 NEW  - SELinux is preventing /usr/sbin/lxdm-binary "execute"
access      on xauth.
636229 NEW  - Wrong defaults for actions on pressing power, suspend and
hibernate buttons
636380 NEW  - Boot Failure from Live CD Desktop (F14B RC3) Can't mount
root filesystem
636104 NEW  - [abrt] nautilus-2.31.92-1.fc14:
g_type_check_instance_cast: Process /usr/bin/nautilus was killed by
signal 11 (SIGSEGV)
635895 MODIFIED  - SELinux is
preventing /lib64/dbus-1/dbus-daemon-launch-helper "execute" access
on hald.

For testing details, please visit:


If your bug is not listed, feel free to discuss it in the list, and next
time please share your results on the result pages.


[1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Fedora_14_Beta_Release_Criteria


FAS Name: Rhe 
Timezone: UTC+8
TEL: 86-010-62608141
IRC nick: rhe #fedora-qa #fedora-zh

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