kernel building instructions

Piscium groknok at
Sun Sep 26 08:25:41 UTC 2010

This question is addressed at those with kernel building experience.

The Fedora wiki has instructions on building a custom kernel:

That's good, thanks.

Let's say that someone would like to build a kernel with different
configuration options. He or she has created a new .config file. The
relevant instructions are under the heading "Configure Kernel
Options". Instruction 6 says the following:

"Copy the config file to ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES/:
cp .config ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES/config-$arch"

The line above appears incorrect. This was recognized by another wiki
editor as can be seen in the following sentences:

"In actual fact, a Fedora 11 x86_64 machine would use the following
command, because the spec file has no config-x86_64 item, and so will
not process it. The only spec entry is for generic.
cp .config ~/rpmbuild/SOURCES/config-$arch-generic"

My question is this: what should be the name of the configuration file
for Intel 32 bits architecture?
config-x86 or
config-i386 or
config-i686 or
one of the above followed by "-generic"?

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