Björn Persson bjorn at
Sun Sep 26 22:28:51 UTC 2010

Rex Dieter wrote:
> The kde-sig asked FESCo to consider up to 1 KDE version upgrade per
> release, and this was generally well-received during the last FESCo
> meeting, so no reason to panic.

That's good to hear. Then I think my strategy for the future will be to mostly 
stay on the next to latest release, and upgrade to the latest some time after 
it has had its KDE upgrade. That way it seems like I'll be able to avoid 
having important programs change under my feet when I'm not prepared, and 
still continuously receive bugfixes.

(I've been using Gnome since the KDE 4 chaos, but I still prefer Kate for 
programming, and Kmail is after all the least bad email program I've ever 
found, so those programs are quite important to me.)

Björn Persson
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