x86_64 as Fedora's primary platform

Stephen John Smoogen smooge at gmail.com
Mon Sep 27 17:58:21 UTC 2010

On Mon, Sep 27, 2010 at 13:48, Gregory Maxwell <gmaxwell at gmail.com> wrote:
> The Fedora web resources (e.g. http://fedoraproject.org/get-fedora )
> continue to promote i686 installs over x86_64, the result being that
> only a third of fedora users are on x86_64.
> When will the Fedora project begin recommending x86_64 as the
> preferred option on the relevant hardware?

Well while many people have x86_64 capable hardware, 66% of the
systems have less than 2GB of ram installed on them. The gain of extra
registers is taken over by the amount of extra memory used. So I am
not sure pushing 64 bit will gain much beyond "why am I using so much
memory now?" messages.

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