docbook and glibc breakage?

Jesse Keating jkeating at
Mon Sep 27 20:04:49 UTC 2010

"Jesse Keating" <jkeating at> wrote:

>"Richard Hughes" <hughsient at> wrote:
>>On 27 September 2010 19:58, Jaroslav Skarvada <jskarvad at> wrote:
>>> The character class must be inside bracketed expression, thus double brackets, please see man grep. The new grep-2.7 checks for this common fault:
>>Right, but you could argue it's a regression as the behavior changed.
>>Could somebody please fix docbook-utils, otherwise all the GNOME koji
>>builds are going to fail.
>Rawhide is acceptable to change like that, particularly this early in the f15 cycle. 

Unless this change was made in f14. That is not acceptable for f14 at this stage. 
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