poppler update to 0.15.0 (0.16 alpha)

Michal Schmidt mschmidt at redhat.com
Wed Sep 29 09:25:53 UTC 2010

On Mon, 27 Sep 2010 10:07:02 +0200 Marek Kasik wrote:
> I plan to update update poppler in rawhide (Fedora 15) to new
> development version 0.15 next week (at Monday, October 4th). Changes
> against 0.14.x are:
> [...]
> Please check whether your package builds against this new version of
> poppler correctly if you maintain a package which requires it. The new
> version has been pushed to git already but not built yet.

epdfview does not build, because of an API change:
poppler 0.14 had:
char *poppler_page_get_text(PopplerPage *page,
                            PopplerSelectionStyle style,
                            PopplerRectangle *rect);
poppler 0.15 has:
char *poppler_page_get_text(PopplerPage *page);

Is poppler_page_get_selected_text() the correct replacement for the old
poppler_page_get_text() ?


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