dexter dex.mbox at
Thu Sep 30 00:52:03 UTC 2010

On 29 September 2010 21:07, Kevin Fenzi <kevin> wrote:
> Currently, it's 4.5.1.
> So, if we release with that, and then 4.6 comes out and changes the
> user experence, we would need to see about granting an exception to
> push that version in F14.
> Speaking for myself, etc.

This fedora kde user thinks there should be no exception because why
should I swap my old and loved 4.5 bugs for new and improved 4.6 bugs
'huh', No I'd like the under powered kde-sig to support the
unsupported till F14 e.o.l. That way the new feature hunters will
migrate to third parties or ditch fedora kde altogether everybody
wins, besides you know the kde-sig will only come looking for yet
another exception come 4.7 F15 time and that's a real coach and horses
thru this policy. Me I'll be cracking open my version mock as I'm
still on the supported F12 and 4.5.2 is out today YaY! :-)


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