Getting more info about updates on headless server

Richard Fearn richardfearn at
Thu Sep 30 21:45:24 UTC 2010


I have yum-updatesd installed on a headless Fedora server, so every so
often I get the email saying there are updates available.

The email itself doesn't tell me much about the updates (e.g. for
iproute tonight it said it was a "bugfix"). Running yum update on the
server doesn't tell me much either.

In the past I modified yum-updatesd-helper to look in the
package-announce list archives
( to find
each update, and to build a bodhi search URL, using the package
name/version. Then there were at least 1 or 2 links in the
yum-updatesd email that I could click on to get some more information.

Is there a more standard way of getting this info? (Not the links, but
the information about the updates.)

If not, I'll get my modified yum-updatesd-helper working on F13 (I
upgraded from F11 the other day).



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