Review Request & Need Sponsor: Ruby 2.3.12 in Fedora 15+

Emanuel Rietveld codehotter at
Tue Aug 2 19:58:05 UTC 2011


Although Rails 3 was released, there are still rails projects working
with rails 2.3 series. Rails 3 is not backwards compatible and some key
features are not yet working in Rails 3. One notable project still on rails 2.3
is the issue tracker redmine

Since rails 2 and rails 3 are perfectly parallel installable, I would like to
maintain rails 2.3 series in Fedora until it really becomes obsolete.

Therefore I have packaged Ruby 2.3.12 for F15/F16, basing them on the
Rails 2.3.8 packages already in F14.

This is my first package for Fedora and I welcome any feedback.

Thank you for your time.


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From: Mo Morsi <mo at>
Date: Tue, Aug 2, 2011 at 9:24 PM
Subject: Re: Rails 2 in F16
To: Emanuel Rietveld <codehotter at>

Hey Emanuel, appreciate the effort. Will look at it if I get the chance,
but time is short nowadays so not sure when that is going to be.

Most likely you will have luck if you email the ruby sig directly.

Since you are a new packager though, you will have to go through the
sponsorship process. Not hard, but it could take longer.

Take care,

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