Intel HD 3000 video & blank screen during install of F15

Adam Jackson ajax at
Wed Aug 3 14:13:32 UTC 2011

On 8/3/11 8:58 AM, Ric Wheeler wrote:

> I have a shiny new laptop (HP Pavilion dm4) with the Sandy Bridge video (HD
> 3000). Installing F15 or the nightly F16 build causes a blank screen during the
> install. Installing/running basic video works but is annoying.
> I have spent a few days poking around, looking for known issues. Is this unique
> to me? If not fedora-devel, what is the right forum to post to with details?

The upstream list for issues with Intel graphics chips is 
intel-gfx at, but there's probably a fair bit of 
information we should get first.  I've been chasing a pile of 
Sandybridge issues for RHEL6 anyway, so we might as well start here.

The standard reference page for information to collect for debugging KMS 
problems is here:

Ignore the bits about testing the non-KMS environment and the X log, 
they're not going to be relevant for you.  But the video ROM, register 
dump, and dmesg output will all be informative.

- ajax

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