Java 7 for Fedora 16

Deepak Bhole dbhole at
Wed Aug 3 22:00:13 UTC 2011

* Douglas Myers–Turnbull <dmyersturnbull at> [2011-07-25 20:53]:
> > I was planning to do this myself .. glad you started it :) I can take
> > over the Feature and doing all the work if you're fine with it...
> Please do!
> The only work I've done (literally) is on the feature page, but feel
> free let me know if you need anything from me.

Hi Douglas,

Thank you once again for creating the page. I have started updating it
and will add docs and other links tomorrow:

For anyone and everyone interested, a Java 7 build is now available in
the Fedora 16. I will build for rawhide in the coming days as well:


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