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Thu Aug 4 15:06:48 UTC 2011

are you aware of the effort James Laska already put into this?
If you already have talked to him, forget about this e-mail ;-)


On Thu, Aug 4, 2011 at 4:43 PM, Andy Grimm <agrimm at> wrote:

> Hi, everyone.  I'm looking into packaging gwt (Google Web Toolkit) 2.3 and
> guava r09.  In this new version (unlike Fedora's current version r05), the
> full guava build requires gwt.  gwt, of course, requires guava to build.
> So, I'm looking at doing the following:
> * build guava without guava-gwt (so that gwt is not required for the build)
> * build gwt (which has a whole pile of other problems, but that's for
> another day)
> * build guava-gwt as a completely separate package, using essentially the
> same upstream source as the guava package
> Is this the accepted way to go about this?  or should I actually be using a
> "bootstrap" guava package to build gwt, and then rebuild guava with a
> guava-gwt subpackage (thus leaving a build dependency loop).
> --Andy
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