Beats are open

John J. McDonough wb8rcr at
Tue Aug 9 14:58:25 UTC 2011

The release notes beats for Fedora 16 are now open.

If you are working on some new feature for Fedora 16 that should be
included in the release notes, please consider heading on over to
select the appropriate beat for your feature, and write a little
something.  You don't need to be flowery, or excessively detailed.  Docs
team members will be editing the beat content when it gets converted to

If you are working on a major feature listed in the feature pages, of
course we will be taking the prose from that page.  But often the
release notes section is written very early, and by now you probably
have a lot more to say.

If you don't tell us about the great stuff you are working on, how can
we tell the world?

It only takes a few minutes, and we all could benefit from knowing what
is coming up.


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