John Reiser jreiser at
Thu Aug 11 13:46:42 UTC 2011

On 08/11/2011 05:26 AM, Vratislav Podzimek wrote:
> On Wed, 2011-08-10 at 18:26 +0200, Rudolf Kastl wrote:

>> Last time i tried an install via bfo it didnt really select mirrors
>> close to me. (i think for the install it didnt use a mirrorlist but
>> instead a hardcoded repo by default) Is this still the case?

> AFAIK, mirrors are choosed by MirrorManager running on
> which is used by yum and it's repos'
> configuration. It's quite easy to find out which repos' urls are used
> during the installation. 

Anaconda itself does not disclose the identity of any mirrors it uses,
and after the install there is no record of which mirrors were used.
Please specify exactly what you use to identify the specific mirrors.

>                            But I doubt there are any different from urls
> used everywhere else.

The tail of the path (the filename and last few directory names) is certainly
the same, but each mirror is free to place the tree arbitrarily in its
filesystem, and many do.


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