Attention: F16 packages needing rebuilds due to the trailing slash bug of rpm-4.9.1

Tom Lane tgl at
Wed Aug 17 14:10:17 UTC 2011

Panu Matilainen <pmatilai at> writes:
> Due to the brown paperbag bug of rpm-4.9.1 causing unwanted trailing 
> slashes on directories (with various nasty side-effects), the following 
> packages in F16 require rebuilding. ...
> This list was compiled from a F16 mirror and does NOT include 
> updates-testing, so if any of the packages above have a newer version in 
> the pipeline already, no further rebuilds are needed for those.

Is it possible that anything now in updates-testing has got the bug?
Releng have been blocking updates from getting into f16-stable for some
time now, so I know I've got packages that were built several weeks ago
and are still waiting in testing.  When exactly was the busted rpm
version present in the buildroots?

			regards, tom lane

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