Review swap request: moonscript, lua-alt-getopt, lua-inotify

Michel Alexandre Salim salimma at
Tue Aug 23 20:58:35 UTC 2011

Dear contributors,

Is anyone interested in some review swaps? These packages should be
quite straightforward:

moonscript -- moonscript is to Lua what coffeescript is to Javascript
(improved syntax, lots of convenience features -- from
for-comprehensions to OOP)

  You need to recompile lua-filesystem and lua-lpeg from Rawhide, but
that should be straightforward. They'll be built for F-16 as well, but
  probably not going to build them for F-15 unless requested

lua-alt-getopt -- an alternative getopt module, modeled after BSD's
getopt_long (needed by moonscript)

lua-inotify -- inotify bindings for Lua (optional requirement for moonscript)


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