[HEADS UP] remove ddate(1) command from rawhide

Al Dunsmuir al.dunsmuir at sympatico.ca
Mon Aug 29 12:15:23 UTC 2011

On Monday, August 29, 2011, 7:54:10 AM, Karel Zak wrote:
>  I'd like to remove:
>     ddate - converts Gregorian dates to Discordian dates

>  command from rawhide (F17). IMHO this crazy command is used by very
>  very small minority of Fedora users.
>  Comments?

Why  does  it  matter  to  you?   Why  make  this  change,  which will
at best inconvenience that very small minority of Feedora users.?

If it is maintained, and works then it should stay.

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