systemd: root device on iscsi

Jeremy Sanders jeremy at
Thu Dec 1 08:32:45 UTC 2011

Bill Nottingham wrote:

> Jeremy Sanders (jeremy at said:
>> Your patch does
>> -bash-4.2# findmnt -m -n -o fstype,options /
>> ext4   rw,relatime,user_xattr,acl,barrier=0,data=ordered
>> Which doesn't show the _netdev option. If I change this to
>> -bash-4.2# findmnt -s -n -o fstype,options /
>> ext4   _netdev,barrier=0,relatime
>> This works. I don't know whether you want to change "-m" to "-s"...
> Well, -s requires everything to be in fstab. -m would work for things
> mounted with plain "mount -o _netdev", assuming /run/mount/utab is
> properly populated. I'm assuming on your system it's not?

/run/mount/utab is empty. We're using tftpboot and dracut's network initrd 
support to mount the root, so perhaps that's not properly populating it. 
Perhaps this is a dracut bug too. Presumably I should file a bug for 
something so this can be worked on offline.



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