A Glorious Vision of Our Shared Update Feedback Future (bodhi, karma, and proventesters, oh my)

Tom Callaway tcallawa at redhat.com
Fri Dec 2 22:24:07 UTC 2011

On 11/22/2011 04:03 PM, Adam Williamson wrote:
> Hey, folks.
> So in the recent proven tester discussion, and in various other threads,
> I've oft stated that the limits of the current Bodhi karma system are a
> significant problem, and the planned Bodhi 2.0 karma system has to
> potentially to significantly improve our update testing process. But it
> occurred to me that I haven't really laid out why in much detail, and
> those who aren't as involved with the process as we in QA are might not
> have a really clear vision of why this is so important.
> So, I thought I'd lay it out in the form of a glorious vision of the
> future! Note: I have zero UI design skills. This UI as described would
> suck. But the idea is that there would be a decent UI which *represents
> all the described choices*.

IMHO, this seems like the sort of thing that would benefit from a
discussion session at the upcoming FUDCon where there will be members of
the Fedora Design team and the main coders of Bodhi. Not that I want to
do it in secret, but coming up with a solid battle plan that also has
the decent UI (in a mockup) as a first step seems like a better plan to


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