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Sat Dec 3 00:37:04 UTC 2011

On Fri, Dec 02, 2011 at 09:39:31PM +0100, Giovanni Campagna wrote:
> packagedb seems an interesting project, for storing ratings and reviews,
> and it could be a candidate to replace the Ubuntu backend. Is there some
> documentation somewhere? Does it provide some webservice API (REST,
> JSON, SOAP, anything)
It does.  Many of the URLs that you can use to view information in a web
browser will return the equivalent information as JSON data.  Not all of the
URLs are fast enough for what you may want to do with them now, though -- we
may want to craft some custom methods that give you the information you need
faster or in bulk.  Another option for some of the things is to have users
enter it into the packagedb but to export it via the repodata.  This was
done for the tag information for instance.  From reading one of Richard's
review request bugs, it looks like people wished to do the same thing with
icons but there were possible legal problems with that approach (the legal
problem seemed to cover distributing the icons in either the repodata or
a package :-( ) so you'd probably need to pioneer a different approach here.

There's also a good chance that we'll encounter some pieces of data that
a software center would like to use but that we aren't storing or making
public at the moment.  If it's already present in the packages or something
that users would contribute we can look into how to make that available for
the software center to use.

This will take coding time, however, so it would be something that you (or
whoever is interested in working on backend support for the software center)
would need to be willing to sink some time into.

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